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Nice, very nice! But, just for fun, I tried to combine different commands and ... seems that is possible do a more powerful jump if you press the space bar and after 1/2 second the up arrow. I don't know if it is voluntary, but you know ... just the fun to combine things :)

Man, that's crazy!
- In level 0 the wall at the bottom of the first run bounces the square.
- Apparently I can break some not-breakable walls, but I think it's like some "easter egg" to finish the level first, I think?
What can I say? Mad Lad!

Koe-koe responds:

thanks for the feedback!
- About the bug in the level 0, im trying to solve that bug, it's really weird because idk why it bounce without control.
- And about the second point, some specifics walls are breakable, like a secret way to move arround the levels, I will work to make it understandable when a secret path is found.

thanks dude, your comments help me a lot :).

Cute and lil fun, but with some bugs like lines drawn in previous levels that don't go away in the second level and if you accidentally press "space" the universe crash!

JinxSpell responds:


The lines not disappearing is intentional, and part of the puzzle. That is how I tried to incorporate the theme of ludum dare 42, "running out of space".

The space bar issue has been fixed! Thanks for playing!

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❃ Yo, that snake is cool! Maybe a more psychedelic background would fit better ❃

Phoombus responds:

Yeah, I need to start focusing more on backgrounds in general.

💖 The shapes and the shadows fit perfectly and that pikachu, literally, kills me!!! 💖

💀 I really love the pattern of color! 💀

KyrieCurrry responds:

Thank you!

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